Commerce is changing. We’re on it!

More than 60% proportion of the world wide turnover, nearly a third generated through pure internet companies. The figures leave no doubt – the mail ordering business is going online. 

And the rules of the game have changed. Consumers set great value at their purchase decision on a smooth handling. A permanent growing number of mail order companies needing partners which not only can pick-up the goods but providing a complex infrastructure starting from the Webshop to the return shipment handling. What logistics was, becomes fulfilment.

We are specialist in individual eCommerce solutions and bundling under one roof all modules which are essential for a comprehensive fulfilment: An ultra modern central warehouse in the heart of Europe and a global logsitics network which guarantees a worldwide availibility of your goods. The comprehensive expertise in the international logistics. And a broad positioned flexible product portfolio: from the consultancy over eShop solutions and purchase handling to the financing.

This makes us the ideal partner for everyone who wants to bring his business online – from startup to the global player.

Most welcome at ontori.